Utilizing the services of Rosso Management Co. for the care, upkeep, and leasing of your income property is like having a brand-new investment on your hands: one more rewarding and thriving than you’ve ever known.

iStock_000008554136XSmall copyWe muster decades of experience in property management and real estate to actively oversee your investment. The roots of our family-owned company go back to the early 20th century, so we have unparalleled familiarity with southeastern Michigan’s market and a vast set of time-tested skills and resources.

We’ll ensure regular and high-quality tenancy for your property through our efficient advertising and careful vetting of each applicant. You don’t have to worry about the ins-and-outs of resident management anymore: We’ll take over rent collection, maintenance, and all the other challenging aspects of leasing and upkeep.

If the Rosso Management Co. treatment sounds appealing, get in touch with our office today and let’s talk about how it might work for you and your income property!